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Photoshop File Specifications

1.0 General Notes

  • For images which do not require colour matching please provide a flattened TIFF file and no additional channels. Using LZW or ZIP compression will help keep the file small.
  • If you require colour matching or your document contains vector elements please provide the original Photoshop file in Layers.
  • Avoid using JPEG files as they will result in a loss of quality.
  • Embed any colour profiles for the document.


2.0 Colour Matching for fabric printing

If you require colour matching to Pantone Colours on fabric then for best results we will need to be able to change the colours in the file. Please supply your original layered file so it is easier to change the colours if required.


3.0 Image Resolution

Please ensure you are using the correct resolution. If in doubt use twice to four times the resolution you need when creating a document. Megabytes are free and Its easy to reduce a 600dpi image to 300dpi but when we only have a 72dpi image we can't increase the detail.


We have found on several occasions clients have spent a lot of time working on a file at 300dpi but its been at 10% of the final size. When enlarged and printed the result is a low quality 30dpi image. Unlike the movies you can't magically enhance the resolution.


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