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Indesign File Specifications

1.0 General Notes

  • We can accept files from Adobe Indesign CS5.
  • We can accept PDF files exported from Indesign with the options selected in note 4.0 below. Do not print from Indesign to Adobe Acrobat unless all colours are in CMYK.
  • Please remove any unnecessary colours in your swatches panel.
  • Convert all fonts to Outlines when supplying the original file.


2.1 Colour Matching for fabric printing

If you require colour matching to Pantone Colours on fabric then for best results we will need to be able to change the colours in the file. In this case please supply either an Un-flattened PDF file or the original Indesign file.


3.0 Transparency

If your document contains Transparency please supply the original file or an unflattened PDF. See note 4.0 below


3.1 Flattening and Transparency blend space

If there is any transparency on your indesign page then ALL COLOURS on the page will be converted to CMYK or RGB before flattening depending on your transparency blend space choice.


If your page contains transparency and ...

  • All colours are Spots or CMYK then select Document CMYK as your transparency blend space
  • All colours are Spots or RGB then select Document RGB as your transparency blend space
  • You have a mixture of RGB and CMYK colours then select Document RGB as your transparency blend space



3.2 Scaled Artwork and Flattening

If you are going to supply artwork as a flattened PDF or EPS (without transparency) then please take into consideration the document scale. If your Artwork is 10% full size and you flatten using the default High Resolution flattening preset then the final print will be only 30dpi. To avoid this create a new custom flattener preset as below



If your desired final resolution is 150dpi then

  • at 10% scale then get the Gradient and Mesh resolution to 1500dpi (150dpi x 10)
  • at 25% scale then get the Gradient and Mesh resolution to 600dpi (150dpi x 4)
  • at 50% scale then get the Gradient and Mesh resolution to 300dpi (150dpi x 2) and so on.


4.0 Supplying an un-flattened PDF

Use the Export option in Indesign and use these PDF settings:

  • Saving as Acrobat 8 (PDF 1.7) will preserve the transparency in the document and allow us to match colours accurately on fabric printing.
  • Tick Create Acrobat Layers
  • Turn off all image down sampling
  • Tick "Use Document Bleed" or select the appropriate bleed
  • Select No Colour Conversion
  • Select "Include all RGB and Tagged CMYK Profiles"

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