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The Design Process

The Design Process

"Graphic design is a problem solving process, requiring substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise. An understanding of the client’s product or service and goals, their competitors and the target audience is translated into a visual solution. This visual solution is created by manipulating and combining shape, colour, imagery, typography and space."
Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)



Typical steps in the design process

  • Create a Brief, defining a clear goal of what you want to achieve
  • Clearly define the outcome and results you want to achieve
  • Research and competitive analysis
  • Sketches and concept designs
  • Presentation and Consultation of Sketches and concept designs
  • Semi-final Designs
  • Presentation and Consultation of Semi-final designs
  • Selection and refinement of a Semi-final designs
  • Final Design


1 : The design brief

The initial step of a design project is a brainstorming session. Our Designers will work together to come up with fresh and innovative ideas, Sometimes you will already have prepared a detailed brief or our teams can work closely with you to work out exactly what you are trying to communicate and the results you are trying to achieve.


2 : Research

Depending on the nature of your brief, you may be looking for a design approach that has a lot more depth and meaning. In order to learn more about your client's business and its market our designers may have to do quite a lot of research.This is an important step in understanding your business.


3 : Sketches and Concept designs

This is the first step in creating the final design, We will present you with several concept design. These maybe in the form of rough sketches or semi-final mockups. This allows us you visually communicate our ideas and discuss with you the direction the design should take.


4 : Semi-final designs

After gaining feedback from the concept designs we will create one or more semi-final designs and present these to you. These are visually very close to the final design and with your input we will make alterations and refinements until we achieve the final design.


5 : The final design

Once you have signed off a semi-final design we will then prepare this for printing. Depending on the printing process we will make adjustments to the final artwork and computer files to ensure that the artwork prints consistently and to the highest quality.




Choosing the right tools and technology

With the explosion in digital technology the options for how your works gets produced is daunting. We invest and research in all the latest technology and network with other companies, to bring you the best solution to meet your requirements.


The most important design tool

The most important tool the designer has is their brain. We use computers to create the vast majority of our design work, regardless of the specific software for illustration, photo-manipulation, page making, editing or presentation, it is the designer's skill and creativity that is most important.


Copyright and intellectual property

At Digitex we are very diligent about copyright, where imagery comes from and who owns the rights. With the explosion of the internet there is a great temptation to just 'borrow' images from the internet. If you have a see an idea or design that you like us to reproduce, then we would be happy talk to you about the options on how we can do this without stepping on someone else's toes.

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